Monday, January 5

Our Fave Fotos 2008 Edition: Numbers 60-51

60. He looks so mature and sophisticated in my glasses. Then you see the binky. We had really good luck getting rid of the binky. We told him to put them away and he never really asked for them again. It's weird how cooperative he is at times.

59. His buddy Owen gave him a little peck before we left the park one afternoon.

58. Hanging out on his slide.

57. The ole Easter Egg hunt was a good time for Jack. He had a blast. Here, he stops for a chocolate egg break.

56. Heading to Des Moines this summer with his own pair of shades. And, of course, the binky.

55. Hanging out with Uncle Dan this summer outside the Olive Garden. I love seeing his little summer outfits in these pictures. Dang, he was cute in them! (Jack, that is. No offense to Daniel. He's just past that 'cute' stage.)

54. At Sesame Street Live in Lincoln last January. He fell asleep shortly after the show started.

53. Getting ready to go caucus in February.

52. Hangin' out with Mommy at his birthday party in GI.

51. Sliding with Tori Rae this summer. I think this was around the same time as when we saw the 'duck incident'-- the one that still gives me nightmares (AND day mares).