Friday, January 9

Our Fave Fotos 2008 Edition: Numbers 20-16

20. Jammers and a c'boy hat. They go together like mustard and ice cream, but sure look cute on this little boy, no?

19. For a while whenever I'd get Doodlebug out of the bath, we'd stand in front of the mirror and make faces. Mommy caught a really cute one...
18. He's such a little lover that you can't help but LOVE this picture of him sittin' on Grandma 'Laine's front stoop swing with her. Now he sees her all the time, so we all win!
17. Vroom! goes the airplane! Emily got a workout in at Dan's at the end of the summer, and kept Jack entertained in the meantime. Granny Janny snapped this one.
16. Like two peas in a mess-making pod. This is how much they dig each other's company: Last night, after two days of being sick, Jack finally coughed enough to hurl. He urped up on the living room carpet (which...meh...whatev...) then immediately looked up at me and said, "I go see Peyton?" Yeah, I don't think her Mom would be really happy with that right now, Bud.


Peyton and Sawyers Place said...

Poor little guy! We, especially Peyton, hopes he gets better soon! (She's been asking me like every day, "Is Jack STILL sick?") Too cute! We're diggin' all the 'fave fotos of 2008!'