Tuesday, January 6

Our Fave Fotos 2008 Edition: Numbers 50-41

50. The cowboy hat has been a recurring subject in most of our photos from the latter part of the year. Still wanting to play outside after his ears got cold and never one to give up the c'boy hat, Jack tests out a new look. 49. You'll see a lot more of these two in the countdown and probably for years to come too. Jack and Peyton are inseparable. Here they are on the Fourth of July getting ready for the fireworks display.

48. Jack loved blowing on dandelions. I'm just happy we had so many on hand for him!

47. Sacked out on Gampa Jerry earlier in the year.

46. Hanging out with Aunt Susan in Des Moines during the summer.

45. Hangin' out at Tori's volleyball game. With sugar.

44. Sippin' up on some apple j.

43. Givin' some love to the stuffed ones.

42. One of the few photos of all three of us taken last year. Wassup with that?!

41. Jack went to the circus with Mommy and the Staab's. Amy took this photo herself. Good job, Mommy!