Sunday, January 4

Susan's Pix From Our Christmas Trip

We had a fantastic time in Des Moines for Christmas. We just got a CD of photos from Aunt Susan, so I'm posting them today. I have a bunch more photos to blog in the next couple days. I also need to do some updates of our top photos for last year too! Above, Jackles gets ready for Santa to come on Christmas Eve. We left him two cookies and a cup of milk. Jack was pretty excited that he ate them.
This one's for you, fat guy.

He didn't quite understand the whole stocking thing. Obvs.

And of all the gift showered upon him this holiday season, this one rated in the tops. A wrapping paper tube from Aunt Susan's house after Amy and Susan did their gift wrapping.

He had fun going through his stocking. I have some cute photos of that too. I'll update with those tomorrow.

We stuck Diego stickers on our cheeks for some messed-up reason. Do I look tired? Or just old? Discuss por favor.

Tickle time!

The cash register was a gift from Santa. He loved it! And Kealey and Taylor and I had fun with it too. They would do something and I'd tax them for whatever it was they did. Simple things like breathing, tattling, talking, walking, etc... Pretty much the same way the government does it.

I heart this photo very much. My peeps.

Granny Janny and a snowman. Go fig. Granny Janny is in the midst of tax season now, so she's a busy gal.

Auntie Em got some makeup stuff. She was not loving the photo taking since she was wearing Granny Janny's sweater "from the 80s". Her words.

Nap time!

And on to presents! Auntie Em got this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for Jackles. He enjoyed it immensely. Thanks, Emberly!

Kealey, Emily and Mike.

Taylor saved the bows from our presents so he could spruce himself up a bit. Seems to have worked for him.

Susan got Jack this Thomas the Tank Engine play tent. It's a hit! He and Taylor played in it that night and he and Peyton have had a great time with it too! Thanks, Aunt Susan! You're the best!

Check it out! It's way awesome!

Whassup, conductah?

Posin' with his gift, pretending he's a flamingo. You know, like the wise men did.

Playing with Mickey.

Taylor and Jack enjoyed preteding to be asleep in the tent. They were quite amusing.

Auntie Em and Granny Janny.

Taylor, Kealey and Emily made this gingerbread house before they came to Grandma's. Then we all took part in destroying it. It was pretty! The jammers Jack has on were from Grandma K. They are wicked awesome. Love 'em. Thanks, Grandma!

Grandma K, Amy and her little nugget.

Grandma K and Jack checking out some reading material.

And back to bed. The sweater he's wearing (and I'm sweating just thinking about the whole 'sleeping in a sweater' thing) is from Auntie Em too. He was quite spoiled in Des Moines. In fact, he had a pile of presents.

Uncle Dan brought down da hiz-ouse, yo! Dan also came to Palisade for a day this week and he and I had a blast.

The two Donners (no relation to the reindeer) and their gingey house.


Anonymous said...

You guys were watching Wall-e in that pic with the wrapping paper tube .. good movie!