Friday, January 30

Sports Injuries

Last night, during the extremely overly-physical Maywood game, Tori went down with a knee injury within the last minute or two. The girls went on to win the game by a mere three points without her chipping in, but the injury was a pretty gruesome scene.

Heidi, Mom and Dad were at the ER with her last night where they only confirmed that it wasn't broken. Heidi and I are going to throw her in the back of the car today and get her in at either Kearney or Hastings to have it looked at by an orthopedic specialist. They were finally able to straighten it out at the hospital last night, but she's in a lot of pain and they only told her to take Ibuprofen.

Keep her in your thoughts and prayers today as we try to figure out the diagnosis and a treatment option for her. She's no wimp, and it was obviously a painful ordeal.

As for the game itself, it was ridiculous to watch how very few fouls were actually called in the match. It was pretty hairy from the beginning and just got horridly violent as the match wore on. A good pairing of teams, but the lack of control over the game by the refs was a cryin' shame.

What's worse is that from my vantage points under both baskets, I saw a mortifying lack of respect and sportsmanship all across the gym (even a couple in our own crowd, which overall was very mild compared to what I saw from kids and adults from the other schools). At one point, I started taking photos of a Maywood man who was having temper tantrums so juvenile that no three-year-old could begin to compete.

It was frightening as hell to think that any semblance of good sportsmanship may be lost and gone forever. Let's hope not.

Hmmm.... I smell a sports column cookin' in my brain.


Blackmans said...

I thought about that all night after Mom called! I think you should post the picture of the guy!

Hang in there, Tori!

Miner Ramblings said...

We're thinking of Tori and hope everything comes out okay. Keep us posted.

Charlie said...

Tori is in my prayers. I wasn't there, but Jasmyn was...She said it looked really bad. I hope you can get her to someone who can help and not just say...ibuprofen.
I agree with Missy. Post the picture of the guy, turn it into an article. It would be a great story! It is not only happening in the high school. Some of the junior high parents can get really nasty as well.
On a side note...our j.h. booster tournament is Saturday (tomorrow). Our girls play at 9:00am central in Palisade. The boys in Wauneta 8:00am Mountain.
Again I am praying for Tori.

Dax and Ian said...

Oh No! I hope Tori is doing better today! She's in our prayers for a quick and painless recovery!!

Tami Vrbas said...

We talked to some Hayes Center girls that played in the game before our's last night, with the same refs, and their eyes were huge! They had a taste of what our team went through, but lower on the degree scale. They were all very concerned about Tori.

I wouldn't post the guys picture on your blog. People are too litigation-ready to sue your a**. Not worth it. We can all imagine it. Besides, nothing would prevent you from showing it around in person......right? If he's that bad a sport, he's not going to love having his mug published on the web.

Just my humble opinion. Take what you want and leave the rest. I just don't think the guy is worth the possible repercussions.

Love, Mom

Sherman said...

I hope Tori is doing better. Grandma updated me a little bit Saturday night and that they finally gave her pain pills. Thank goodness. I was glad I was able to see her play. She did such a good job that night.