Monday, January 5

Miscellaneous Moments Of Late

Santa brought Jack this Black & Decker tool bench for Christmas after we got home from Des Moines. It has a 'running' circular saw, a band saw, a vise and a drill. Also comes with a hammer, wrench, screwdriver and saw. You can actually build a little birdhouse with it. Santa's got some amazing elves, no?
This is a picture of the carpet in the dining room/parlor. I got a wild hair (actually, I just couldn't take it anymore) on New Year's Day and ripped it up uncovering a nice hardwood floor underneath. Only problem is that in the olden days of yore (before that carpet was popular), they didn't stain and treat the entire floor. They'd leave a part in the middle where a large block of lino would sit. So, we have beautiful floors on the outlying areas of the floor, then a big square in the middle. We're currently gathering information on how to redo the floors to make them fantastic. For a while we're gonna have to cover the bare spot with a rug I think.
Joe, Sarah, Peyton and Baby So'er have spent a lot of time with us lately. They were over for a couple meals and Amy and Sarah went to a movie in Wauneta last Saturday. Here is Baby Sawyer bein' smiley and wiley. She's way adorb.
Isn't she the chubs? She is doing much better after getting some medicine that works finally. Obvs she's keeping the food down. Pretty soon she'll be weighing as much as Jack!
Our little Jehovah's Witnesses, ready to hit the town.
These backpacks have been wonderful. Connie Lawless got one for us and I got another from a book club I accidentally got involved in. We put all Jack's Happy Meal toys and miscellaneous other smaller toys in there and he takes the bags with him when we go places. That way he has something to play with wherever he is and if he loses a toy or two, no harm done.
He got done with his bath the other night and his hair took on a life of its own. I think he might actually have potential for wavy hair!
These jammers were from Grandma K so I was trying to get a picture of him for her to have. He barely cooperated. Of course, he was eating a brownie--just what every kid needs before bedtime.
Here you can kinda see the floor. Right on the outside of that area rug you'll notice the change in color on the floor. I think they'll be lovely once they're worked on, but until then, they're just alright. And we all agree that they're a big step up from the Spinach Artichoke Dip carpet.
Hooligans at heart. They were watching The Wiggles and gettin' funky. Funny story about Peyton: Joe had to take Baby So'er home 'cuz she was fussy, so Peyton and Jack played until the mommies got home. I was tired so I asked them what they wanted to watch. I asked if they wanted Smurfs and Peyton looked at me and said, "I don't like them. They're funky."
Another funny story while we're viewing photos of our kids acting crazy. At church, we always have treats afterwards and Jack and Peyton literally have their own table on the far side of the treat table. They're there every week like clockwork after church is over. The other day, Pastor Judy went up to the two of them and asked what they were doing. Peyton looked up and said, "We're eating cat poop. Watch." She then proceeded to take a bite of a cookie and went 'patooie' and spit it out. Judy had a really good laugh and quite enjoyed retelling the story to us at the other table. Yeah, that's how cool she is.
Wacky kids.
Here's a picture of me relaxing Saturday, watching "Arrested Development" with Uncle Dan. He is as addicted to that show as Amy and I are. One of my Christmas presents from Amy was the first two seasons of "30 Rock" on DVD. I, in turn, snagged all three seasons of "Arrested Development" for her. We've seen all the episodes once before, but they're mos def worth re-watching! Funniest show ever? Quite possibly. But "30 Rock" gives it a run for its money.


Peyton and Sawyers Place said...

Ohhhh, thank you for including those little tid-bits about my daughter. (I always thought it was supposed to be the parents that embarrased the kids!!) Tee hee... Just kidding. She's a character, isn't she?! Never a dull moment around our household, I tell ya'!

sixbehrs said...

first of all, that's wonderful that you have a nice hardwood floor underneath!!! Your house reminds me of our old one (the wood trim, etc...), but unfortunately there weren't nice floors underneath the carpet.

Also, I, too, got suckered in by that very same book club, and got a Cat in the Hat backpack just like that one. Live and learn.

Dave Ja Vu said...

Sara --

Live and learn indeed!

Dana said...

LOVE the wood floors! I also had to post that I LOVE Arrested Development! It is one of my all-time favs. Did you see the episode where something was said about Bob Lawblaw stepping into someone else's shoes, and he replied, "It's not the first time I've done that before!" I about died laughing. And the one where they make a reference to Opie and Ron Howard makes a smart comment as the narrator. Something like, "He just better watch his mouth". Genius!!

Bley's Blog said...

Love the floor....much better than the carpet I agree! :)

Dave Ja Vu said...


We just wrapped up season one and it's been a couple years since we watched it. I was trying to remember George Michael's girlfriend in the second season. It always made me laugh when they'd say things about her. Was it Ann? So glad there's another person who loves the show as much as we do. I can't believe it was cancelled. It really was TV's best-kept secret!

Sarah said...

Hey guys! I love all of your recent updates. It is so good to see how you all are doing. Good luck with the floors. They are a beautiful color!! Also, we are Arrested Development fans as well and have recently heard that there is a movie in the works. Stayed tuned for that! Finally, congrats to Jack and his upcoming baptism. Fun, fun! I wish we could be there! Have a great 2009!!

Dave Ja Vu said...

This is sad, Sarah, but that actually gave me chills to think they're doing a movie! I hope they do it justice.

We were so pleased with your Christmas card. Laughed our butts off. What a clever way of telling everyone.

We'll call ya when we're near Obamaha!