Tuesday, January 6

My Own Photos Of The Des Moines Trip

Jack putting the cookies under the tree. He wasn't sure what to think off all the pokies gettin' all up in his grill!
Pleasin' with some cheesin'!
Uncle Dan checking out what kind of shenanigans the Bluth family are doing in this episode of "Arrested Development". Shameless plug: best show ever. Watch it. Laughing will ensue.
Whoa...there's stuff in this stocking!
A SpongeBob-marshmallow-on-a-stick thingy, Cars cup...
Umm...Santa...ix-nay on the amming-cray...
Part of the loot.
Playing with soapy bubbles with Aunt Susan.
Oh, Toodles! Jack got this pair of Toodles ears. I love the adorkable look on his face in this picture. Now, he can do the "Hot Dog Dance" anytime he darn well pleases.
Taylor got ahold of them for a while.
Playing with his buddies Tay and Kealey.
I made Daniel a bloody mary. I wonder if he liked it...
The ladies doin' some cookin'. It was so delicious I coulda died.
Umm...how's the gravy, Smiley McNeckBones?
The table of deliciousness!
Pentecost is officially over today, so it seems a fitting time to be wrapping up my holiday posts I guess. I totes planned it that way...