Friday, January 9

Tori In Some B-Ball Action

One of the many perks of my gig is that I have access to sports photos (ya know, since I'm down on the floor takin' em that works out pretty good) and I can use them. Since I photograph the sports, I try to get some extra photos of Tori while she's playing. I'm fair about which ones I run, don't worry; in fact I'm so fair that she's the least published player on the team so far! So, I'm gonna at least publish them here. Above, it looks like her teammates are worried the clock is running out and urging her to put it up, but they're just talkative I guess.
A little outnumbered there, Tor.
Putting up a shot against Hitchcock County. Her team plays them again tonight.
Hitting a bucket in a crowd.
I'm pretty sure what she and Blair are doing to this poor Paxton girl is illegal in most countries, but boy it looks effective!
Workin' the ball against Wallace. 
Grabbing a 'bound against Wallace. The Broncos (Tori's team if you're not paying attention) are 7-2 and rated seventh in Class D-1. They're also third in wildcard points, so that's really a good thing. Hopefully they don't need that to go to state, but it certainly never hurts!
Okay, so the Cambridge girl made it through just fine. A touch of drama never hurt anyone, right? Except her of course.
This is the one that was in the paper. I was having a bad shooting night on my first excursion since I returned. The settings were not working for me on the camera. This picture is good, but coulda been better. Whatev. They're all just fine now 'cuz I tooled with the camera. So, from now on, only award winners! (Just kidding.)

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Peyton and Sawyers Place said...

Great pics of Tori! As I always say (embarassing as I am)... "Here comes Tori Rae - Get Out Tha' Way!" Tee hee...

Love ya' kid!