Wednesday, January 28

More Tor On Da Basketball Floor

Tori (standing at right if you've never seen her before) and the rest of the team during a timeout against Perkins County. Those girls were good!
Tori does battle for the ball against an Eagle player from Garden County. If a Tori has a battle for a ball against an Eagle, it's called a Bronco Eagle basketbattle rattle. (Yeah, I tried too hard to make that happen.)
Hitting a bucket on the inside.
Um...Little Miss PersonalSpaceViolator, could you get out the way? Tori's tryin' to shoot.
Tori shooting over a midget. Okay, not really. Tori's seven feet tall sometimes.
If I were to commend Tori on her defense, gettin' all up in that girl's grill, that'd make me a hypocrite, right? So be it.
This pic isn't really of Tori per se, but she is on the right. I just think it's funny that the Paxton girl looks like she's kinda having a serious brain/facial issue.
Paxton girl, you just got served with a block.
Question: Why, oh why, do Tori and Blair gotta be so mean? 
Answer: Cuz it's their dang job.
This pic hit the paper a week or two ago. It's Tori beating a Falcon player to the ball. Neener neener neener.
Hey, you gonna shoot that ball? Better do it quick, cuz if not, Tori'll block ya.


Brooke said...

I can't believe Lauhead is still the coach! WOW!

Blackmans said...

I seriously enjoyed every one of these pictures!!