Friday, January 16

Jack's Baptism

We had Jack baptized last Sunday during church services. He, his cousin Sawyer, and the Weiss twins, Jaysek and Jensyn, were all baptized. It was a great service, with great music, readings, a potluck dinner, and the whole she-bang. Above, me, Amy and Jack after the din-din.
We had a lot of our family there and luckily one of them took a photo of the actual event for me. Rev. Judy was impressed that we practiced for the baptism when I told her during church, then later said to Tina, my co-worker, that she wasn't sure what that meant. It means that when we were having a little tea/water party at his table, I tossed water in his face and said, 'bless you, Jack' and he did the same to me. It became a fun game, of which I have a video to upload.
The baptism crew: me, Jack, Amy, Jaime, Jensyn, Pastor Judy, Jaysek, Jason, Sarah, Sawyer and Broseph Joseph.
The potluck dinner was exceptional. We have great cooks at our church.
Monkey see, monkey do. 
Me and Sawyer. We were buddies.


Sarah said...

I love the family pic!!!

Kimi said...

Sounds like it was a lovely event. We are just now planning Anna's. I hope she doesn't cry during the entire ceremony like Johnny Walker Texas Ranger did. lol Baby due this Wed. will be induced on Friday!