Thursday, January 8

Our Fave Fotos 2008 Edition: Numbers 30-21

30. My dad took this photo of Jack on Thanksgiving I think. I like it.

29. Using Gramps Tom as a climbing apparatus.

28. Nathan goofing off when the boys were bathing this fall. Jack hadn't bathed with another person before that day. Wasn't overly impressed by the sitcho.

27. Jack and his balloon at the Pioneer Days parade in June. He loved the parade, especially the very confusing part of seeing Uncle Joe on the front of the truck in a dress and wig.

26. Joe and Sarah sent COTC with Gramps and Grams to GI one weekend. Jack thoroughly enjoyed it.

25. Tori does an amazing job with the kids. She took this photo of Jack and her messin' around.

24. Jack and his cousins all together. We need to get another one of these now because Sawyer's here now and Jacob is not a little squisher anymore.

23. Chillin' in our fancy backyard pool.

22. Sippin' up on some limeade on the patio.

21. This photo is just the cutest thing ever. I shouldn't like it cuz he's not centered and it's way off-kilter, but his cute-as-a-button-on-a-bug's-britches smile totally redeems it.


Unknown said...

#30- Oh those eyes! He is going to be a ladys man!

sixbehrs said...

If #30 is just #30, then I can't wait to see #1!!!