Monday, January 12

Our Fave Fotos 2008 Edition: The Top Five

5. Amy took this photo of Jack gettin' sassy with her after messing with the oven when he shouldn't have. It's quite funny though he appears quite evil and the truth is quite the opposite. (Most of the time.)
4. Cute little booger. We snuck away from his birthday to take this one. He's so cooperative.
3. You knew this one would be way up here didn't you? He is absolutely hilarious in his c'boy garb. We might need to consider teaching him that it ain't polite to point guns at people...
2. This photo is huge in my personal calendar I had made. I just love his face, the hat, the mittens, the everything about it. He's just handsome.
1. Duh. This photo is just perfect.


Sherman said...

These are awesome photos-my fav is the last one.

sixbehrs said...

cute, cute, cute!!!