Wednesday, January 7

Our Fave Fotos 2008 Edition: Numbers 40-31

40. I think this was from before we went to see Elmo in Lincoln. Needless to say, he needed the nap he took during the performance.

39. Hangin' out with Brooklyn (from daycare) at the Scarecrow Patch this fall. At Jack's old daycare, the girls would pretend to marry Jack and he'd go along with it. When Laurie asked the girls why they didn't want to marry Cole, they said "because Jack does what we tell him". Ummm...

38. I know what you're thinking and get over it. He's 2 for gosh sakes.

37. Thrilled about the birthday thing. Over the moon about it.

36. Me and the nugget hanging out at the park. Unknown fact about this photo: He was looking off to the right of the camera because there was a creepy little kid standing beside Amy when she took this photo. CREEPY little kid. Can't stress that enough.

35. Those blue eyes are gonna cause some heartbreak someday no doubt.

34. My good friend Andrea (whom I miss) gave Jack this trike. It was her daughters' and now it's Jack's. She is also the one who originally got the cowboy boots Jack wears every day.

33. Chicks dig these guys. Jack and Gramps at the Hall County Fair.
32. Auntie Em and Jack in Des Moines. We waited outside this one restaurant for at least an hour before we finally got in. Good thing everyone was good at entertaining Jackles. Could've been a nightmare!

31. I just like this photo. It was taken as kind of an accident.