Saturday, January 12

Top 100 Photos of 2007, The Top Five

5. The biter biscuit incident. I had no idea why every time another kid ate one of these things that look like basic cookies, they would wind up looking like they had mud thrown all over them. I quickly learned just why. I was on the floor, picking up stuff when Amy removed him from his chair to take to the bath. I looked up and snapped the photo.
4. This one was taken just recently. A pic of Jack in during his first snow ever. The wonderment on his face is just quintessentially 'toddler' and I just love everything about this photo. Little known fact: He is looking at Mom inside the house and making sure he has her approval to play in this cold, white stuff.
3. The bubble blower made this photo possible. Granny Janny was here and witnessed this one being taken. I just pulled the trigger on the blower and started snapping photos. Luckily, he cooperated.
2. This one was a very close second because of the moment captured, but we agreed that our number one choice is evident. This one is completely unstaged and a great moment. Jack loved his perch at the front door at this time and Dexter just happened to show up and stand beside him for a brief moment. Fortunately, I was present with a cam in hand.
1. Who didn't know it was going to be this one? I absolutely love this photo and think it might be the best I've ever taken with my amateur un-honed skillz. I was sitting on the couch when I looked over and saw him sitting right in the light. I reached clear across the couch to avoid distracting him, had to fenangle the camera to disengage the flash, then snapped it right as he looked down. I'm pretty proud of it, I must say. It also sits on my desk at work and everyone loves it.


Jessica said...

Wow. I mean, WOW. I can't believe how much he's grown up, just over this past year. Little girl has been sitting right here with me, perusing the pics, and she's just fascinated with Jack! (How could she not be?)

Her favorite pic? The elf one from the Christmas card (which was awesome, thanks, btw...we have yet to take family photos this year). She says, "Jack is so silly!"

Sorry we haven't been keeping in better touch, but maybe things will calm down for a little while now.

Sarah said...

Very nice #1. We've enjoyed the collection. Thanks for sharing your adorable son.

Peyton's Place said...

LUV the top 5! Those were my pick too! Miss you guys already...

Grammy Tami said...

How in the world do you choose? He takes such good pictures and his daddy is pretty awesome with a camera. The top 5 are the greatest. I agree with you. Gosh, I hope he gets over the teething soon. Love you and miss you,
Grammy Tami