Wednesday, January 23

How To Properly Kiss Y'Daddy In Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Make goofy faces.
Step 2: Make even goofier faces.
Step 3: Lay it on him!

Any questions?


charlie said...

That was absolutely adorable!!!
Put a smile on my face!!!
Too cute of a kid you got there Dave!!!

The Wades said...

Toddler kisses are the best!

Dave Ja Vu said...

No doubt 'bout that!

Peyton's Place said...

Awwww... Jack. How adorable! We miss you guys!

Hugs -n- kisses~
Auntie S

Mindy said...

Those pictures are so cute!!!

Grammy Tami said...

Oh, what a treasure, Dave. Enjoy every single milosecond.

Love, Mom