Friday, January 11

Top 100 Photos of 2007, 10-6

10. There was no doubt this was one of our Top Ten pix of the year. Tori was babysitting on the night of my surprise birthday party in April and actually snapped this keeper herself. Nice job, T-to-tha-Ori!
9. We just really like this picture a lot. No explanation needed.
8. Smiley McHappyson. Hangin' in his jammers on the couch, looking presh.
7. This is another 'Chucky' moment, the scariness of which is softened a bit by Grandma Edna. Amy took this one in Des Moines this summer. He looks very obnoxzh in this one.
6. Missy took this one at Nathan's first birthday party in September. Their house is perpetually hot, so his shirt was off. The bow was added by Missy and she snapped the photo. I actually have this on my desk at work and get comments on it all the time.