Wednesday, January 30

Scrubbing Bubbles Toils And Troubles

The dialogue from the evening: "Jack, do NOT splash water...I mean it...thank you...Jack...what did Daddy say?...NO SPLASHING water...I'm going to make you get down if you keep doing that...thank you...ho hum...what can I put in the dishwasher have to stop can play, but you can't splash...I mean're getting down're going to stop splashing?...alright...I mean it...Daddy will make you get down if you keep doing that...thank you, bud...(MAJOR SPLASH)...okay, we're done now."
What a monkey. And I love the striped socks from Tina Kitt. They're hilarious.
Do not ask me why there's a Christmas Tree cookie cutter in the sink, Jack. I honestly have no idea. That thing hasn't been used since '02 when we were in our first apartment and made cookies to take to Des Moines with us.

I hesitated in posting these because the background shows an absolute kitchen emergency (and the mess was made in a single day, mind you), but they're too cute to dismiss. While Mom was working out last night in the living room, Jack and Dad did dishes. In order to keep him out from under Amy's feet, I ran some suds in the sink and let him play.

Best/Worst Idea Ever!? The jury is still out on that.


The Hoskovec's said...

Too cute! Splashing is the best!

Blackmans said...

That is awesome!! He looks like he was really washing the dishes too!! Are you feeling better?

bec said...

hilarious...i was JUST thinking i was going to do this with dax today b/c we're sick of being inside and need some new exciting things to entertain us. however, i decided against it b/c i knew he'd splash like're braver than i am! :)