Monday, January 7

Top 100 Photos of 2007, 50-41

50. He was so determined to crawl at this point, by looking at those eyes, I think if he would have had the muscle strength to run a marathon, he'd have pretty much done it. 49. So easy even a cavebaby can do it!
48. Striking a pose with Grammy Tami and Kenna.
47. Hangin' at Nanci's house. He turned on the charm to win her over so he could open that awesome birthday prez. He still plays with it everyday I might add.
46. Big boy in a big chair. (And the chair is NOT dirty; it just reflects light unfavorably. Truly.)

45. Again, I repeat: The chair is not dirty. The diaper...well, I can't say.
44. Breaking House Rule #7: Do not feed the dog table scraps.
43. Attacked by the dad and attacking back!
42. Swim time with O and Cam. Cam's picking his favorites too!
41. Diced Strawberries Forev.