Friday, January 4

Top 100 Photos of 2007, 80-71

80. (Insert 'Grandpa has his hands full' joke here.)
79. This is the first picture in this here post that includes someone named Dax. I love this picture. This was the rare moment when they weren't competing for a toy.
78. I really don't know what it is about this picture, but I like it a lot.
77. Blue eyes and a plastic chicken drummy. Nothing more cute in all the world.
76. Jack's first Easter basket was full of great stuff, none of which got any attention from him (besides the camo eggs).
75. Just learning to sit on his own last January. I love the lopsided chubby cheeks. And the hair...of course the hair!
74. Thus began his love affair with the camera.
73. Just learning to pull himself up and walk behind his mower that I MacGyver'd some weights onto.
72. Indecent exposure!
71. The other picture of him with Dax. Getting his first haircut downtown.