Saturday, January 5

Top 100 Photos of 2007, 70-61

70. Jack loved his Water Babies class last summer.
69. The fauxhawk incident will live on and on in our memories.
68. This is the picture we took right after we found his first tooth! He loved showing off!
67. Jack and his mommy after a bath in the kitchen sink.
66. I like this picture, but probably only 'cuz I actually look thin.

65. I love this picture for several reasons: the upward glance to the ceiling fan, the sweater vest, the socks.
64. Hangin' out in the boppy...smilin'...bein' know...the usual.

63. This was taken the day he started crawling. We were in his bedroom and he was rolling all over getting into stuff (obvs), but took a break for this snappy.
62. First time in the swimmy. This was a lot of fun for us.
61. I love that smile a lot. He obviously knew he was going to eat soon.


sixbehrs said...

Face it, Dave, he's just adorable. I'll be interested to see if you're still taking this many pictures of baby #4 or 5....:-)