Sunday, January 13

Sesame Street Live (And Not So Much)

So, we're in the thick of a wicked evil teething spell right now. We have the boogers, the drool, the pain...the attitude. It's been a rough week needless to say. Elmo's lucky he has no teeth to deal with. Maybe that's why he's always smiling.
Here we are at our desty: Sesame Street Live in Lincoln. We (okay, me) were excited for the show to begin.
Elmo, is that you?
The show started off and it was really darn good!
They were dancing up a storm! Jack's favorite thing ever!
Ten minutes later.
At least it was entertaining enough for the adults that we weren't too let down. Wouldn't have been my first choice though. Plus, I already know what I want to be when I grow up: ME (except younger, but only for the energy)!
After the intermishy, he was ready to audition for the part of the Cotton Candy Monster.
Here he is after the show playing with the Christmas gifts from Gramps Tom.
And they played like crazy the rest of the day and Sunday too when Gramps stopped by. They are a riot to watch. They get pretty rowdy!
Jack did not want Gramps making music on HIS xylophone, regardless of the fact that the gift was from him. Yes, the 'Terrific Twos' are underway I believe.
And socks and shoes are a thing of the past. Hates them. Here he is watching 'Veggie Tales' on the DVD in the car. How did parents drive without DVD players? They're not a luxury, they're a freakin' necessity!


Blecha Family 4 said...

Interesting story about the other email address...

But I'm excited to hear what you've got!

Blecha Family 4 said...

And I've been a fiend about keeping up with you blog, btw. Enjoying the pics. The SSL story cracked me up. Isn't it funny how we as parents get so excited about things that our children, inturn, aren't really that overly excited about? Been there.