Thursday, January 3

Top 100 Photos of 2007, 90-81

90. I need attention...NOW!
89. Born to rock.
88. If you click on this picture and see the bigger versz, you can see a great many teeth. It's incredible! And quite adorable.
87. Jack and his buddy Tori the weekend we installed the recessed lighting. He had a really great weekend; meanwhile, Gramps and Dad did not!
86. "You're not wearing any PANTS! HA!"
85. Couple o' blockheads if you ask me.
84. The second of the two photos that don't include The Jack. I think this is a great picture, so it had to be included. It's not like it's everyday your niece turns 16!
83. Scary. Quite 'Chucky Returns' actually...I like this photo but I can't look at it too long.
82. A kid just can't relax like a kid can relax on his Mom's lap.
81. Surprise! I'm a mess!


Staab Boys said...

Amy, I love that picture of you and Jack. It's beautiful.