Wednesday, January 9

Top 100 Photos of 2007, 30-21

30. OMG, this kid gets cuter every minute. Susan took this one in Des Moines and I just love his big grin.
29. With Granny Janny at the parade this fall. Very all-American photo what with the granny/grandson moment, the flags everywhere, the parade, the fire truck, the brick streets.
28. This is just one of those candid moments that happen and you're just lucky you already have your camera in hand.
27. And the same with this one. He and Rick are good buddies and I just love how he looks up to him. Plus that chair is a-dork-able!
26. This one took some work, but Susan caught another great moment here--with the help of a clown (yours truly).

25. This one was an accidental awesome on Amy's part. She was having trouble with the camera, in particular the flash, and caught the sunset just right in the background. On purpose of course.
24. This one got moved up and down the countdown because I hate the way I look, but Amy loves the picture so much she overrode my disgust with myself in this picture. This was taken early morning the day after my 30th birthday party. 'Nuff said.
23. Crawling around in the grass during our Memorial Weekend camping trip.
22. Missy took this one of Jack on the Fourth of July. I think she was really trying to get a pic of that awesome camper I sold them, but I threw Jack in the way. Not really...
21. This is from when Jackles had rotavirus last year. He needed his Mommy more than ev. She's so good with him. A great nurturer.


The Wades said...

Please tell me #25 is now framed at your house! If it's not . . . I demand a copy and will frame it for you. It's awesome!