Thursday, January 10

Top 100 Photos of 2007, 20-11

20. Monkey see, monkey do.
19. We love this photo so much but mainly because he looks so much like his mommy in this one. It's CRAZY! And isn't it amazing how much he's changed since early '07?
18. Making the funny face. Either that or showing me where his nose is. I'm not sure which now that I think about it.
17. Wearing my shirt. Someday, Jack...but thankfully not for a long time!
16. This is one of those silly moments that just happens when you have a toddler. We were getting ready for work and he just put the headband on and started vacuuming. Totally adorkable.

15. Cutest face in any picture in the whole wide world.
14. Cousin-tastic! They were so well-behaved for this picture, it was actually a little bit disturbing. The next group photo (we'll take it this weekend) will have another little boy in it!
13. I just love this photo. We were in Dollar Tree grabbing stocking stuffers when I noticed the hat. We were quite uninspired for the holiday card and letter to begin with, but that sparked an idea. I told Amy we should dress him as an elf. She disagreed saying it would be impossible to find all the other garb for that. I turned around and there were the tights. One aisle over was the onesie. $3 later we had our Christmas card.
12. Hugs for dad. Good picture, Susan. One of my top favorites ever (probably because my face is hidden).
11. Jack loved playing with the pumpkins this year. My idea to plan a bajillion of them really paid off I guess.