Tuesday, January 29

Life With A Child Who Toddles

Recently, we noticed that the flooring we used in the living room and hallway (which we LOVE) was half price at Menard's because they were coming out with a new line and discontinuing our line. Since we were wanting to complete the entire house this year, we bit the bullet and I took a last-minute trip to Columbus to pick up more. It ended up saving us A LOT of money and it was good timing since we're cooped up anyway. Might as well get it done. Anyway, I did Jack's floor recently in my spare time and it looks just stupendous. And he has fallen in love with that chair shown. Stay tuned for more of the chair...
It looks like a brand new room. I'm going to do the trim as soon as I start feeling better. I've been home the first two days this week with a strep/sinus infection combo for the ages. I'm snuggled in my recliner right now sniffling, sneezing, coughing and blogging. And since we've been extremely busy lately and I haven't updated for a while, I thought it was high time I updated you on our lives. So without further adieu, here are some photos of our life with Toddly McToddlerson.
This collapsible bin has been a great hamper/hiding place lately. Good investment.
Jack was trying to play with the camera flash. It's one of his fave pastimes.
Attacking dad with sheer cuteness.
Laying on the floor, watching Veggie Tales I'm pretty sure.
Amy took this one sometime last week and it pretty much sums up the chaos.
Jack really loves that particular book: "From Head To Toe" by Eric Carle. I have to say I agree. Amy picked up this ottoman/storage chest the other day for our reconfigured living room. Jack loves it because it holds his books and is great fun to climb on. There's another great story about the chest/its contents, so stay tuned for that. Another all-up-in-your-grill shot.
The other morning, his Old McDonald book from Uncle Joe and Aunt Sarah started randomly playing and he opened up the trunk. After dancing to the song once, he returned to the trunk, pushed the button again and danced his heart out, pirouettes and all (he watches Jayden dance at daycare). This went on for several minutes. I was going to run and get the camera, but I chose to just sit and enjoy the moment. I applauded his dance skillz generously.
Pointing is a new thing for Jack now too. I remember back in the dizz-ay, my Aunt Julie made us kids laugh when her daughter Sara pointed at someone. She grabbed her hand and said, "don't point; it's not polite" all the while shaking her pointer finger at Sara. Confusing much? Sorry, Julie, I have strange memories...
Displaced children often hide in furniture for relief from chaos.
And the chair. The favoritest chair ever. Jack has been very attached to that chair and that Grinch doll lately. It is cozy, I'll give him that.
I was getting him ready for daycare the other day, and he crawled back up into his chair. Obvs I hadn't combed his hair. Is it wrong of me to let his hair grow since all of his haircuts (including the one done by me) have been kinda bad? I think it's okie doke.
POP QUIZ: What item was pictured six times in the 15 photos above?

I'm posting the following video for my friend that asked how I can stand to watch kids shows all the time. Sure, some of them are annoying and exhausting, but the good ones are great. I put VeggieTales on the list of great ones. Amy and I love VeggieTales because it's hilarious. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

I laugh every time! Should I see someone about this?


Stacy said...

I think you might enjoy some of the kid TV, Books, and Music from this sitehttp://www.sweet-juniper.com/

The awesome Home Dad is Dutch - explanation about the name in About Us.

Blogs def. help get through a MN or NE winter :(

Stace said...

Pardon my spacing


charlie said...

Its the pacifier!?! That was what was photo'd 6 times. And Dave, never grow up! All I have to say is... That says it all! Way too funy!!!

Baby Greenwood said...

Yes...we love the veggie tales here too! We have a full playlist on youtube and that's all we hear in the car anymore!!

The Hagan Clan said...

Hey Dave, great work on the floor, your becoming a handy dandy handyman! and i agree with Charlie its the pacifier! I cant believe how big Jacks getting! He sooo cute!

The Wades said...

Veggie Tales are great! We LOVE "I Ate The Bunny"! Silly Songs DVD is a must have!

The Wades said...

We're glad to see somebody else Cam's age is just as addicted to the Binky!

Blecha Family 4 said...

"Heya we see the mysterious binky in it's native habitat..."

Jericho is massively attached to his, too. That and his lovey, which is a blue blanket that we received for his birth. But we're rid of the bottle, so take what you can get, I guess.

Dave said...

"...I don't want to tell you a joke that is funny, I just want a plate and a fork and a bunny..."

We love that one too, Wades!

Sherman said...

I can't believe how much he's grown. Can't wait for Addison to meet him.

sixbehrs said...

Gotta love Veggie Tales :-) I'll refrain from talking politics, though :-) It's too early in the day (although I did vote in the poll)