Tuesday, March 28

The Nursery Is Painted!

Daddy Dave has been busy, busy, busy for the past three days with his little pet project. 43 hours, eight marker pens, two overhead projector lightbulbs, 1-1/2 temper tantrums and a carpal tunnel nightmare later, we now have the Greatest Nursery in the Known Universe!
The north wall is where we're putting the changing table. These fish will be above it ... just hangin' out ... bein' dudes.

One fish.

Two fish.

Red fish.

Blue fish.

The Star-Bellied Sneetches are on the south wall above the chest of drawers.

The whole-wall mural of the climactic scene on page 47 of "Green Eggs & Ham!" If you click on the pic, you can see it close up.

The train.

The fox and some cap'n dude.

Sam I Am and that unnamed dude who doesn't like Green Eggs N Ham.

The boat.

Goat, Sam I Am, car and mouse.