Tuesday, March 7

My Favorite Trick

Every night before we drift off to our little slumberland, we do a little trick. Some folks Amy works with bought us a book to read to the baby in utero, similar to "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" by my man, Doc Seuss. (Are you sick of hearing about him yet? No? Good.)
I read "Oh, Baby, The Places You'll Go!" every night now because the baby kicks like crazy when I get to the part about the Grinch's heart being too small and his shoes being too tight.
The first time I felt him move was when I read the book to him and rubbed mama's baby bump. (Okay, so sometimes I have to fenangle him in there a bit, but the reading usually gets him bump-thumping 'round in there.) Another trick my brother taught me is to place a flashlight on the bump and they'll kick where the flashlight is. Works like a charm. Nothing like that feeling. Nothing at all.
Jack (and Mommy and Daddy) thanks you for the book, Trisha and Rebecca!