Friday, March 24

An Open Letter From Baby V

Hey all.
While you've all been freezing cold and digging out from your tundra freeze, I just thought I'd let you know I'm keeping toasty warm here in my mama's uterus. It's getting a bit cramped in here, but ... eh ... babies can't be choosers. And it's only temporary until I get a space of my own.
I can hear a lot from in here. Here are the things I've picked up on in the past week:
1. My awesomely awesome dad is getting ready to paint some Seuss characters all over the walls of my first room. I hate to tell him, but I won't be able to see any of them with any clarity for several months. He's relieved there will be no big move, and has picked out the characters he's using for the walls: Horton the Elephant; the Star-Bellied Sneetches; Thing 1 & Thing 2; One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish and Blue Fish; and a huge mural of the climax of Green Eggs & Ham when they crash in the water. Cool, huh? (My dad has great ideas, but you should also know he has editorial license over anything posted on this site. Keep that in mind!)
2. My mom and dad love nachos. They had this wild prego party the other night (and I use the term "wild" very, very loosely since half the party was with child) and they ate nachos like nobody's business. I was happy about my mother's liberal servings of the stuff. Yum yum yum.
3. The snow is melting quickly, and hopefully my daddy-o will get over his obsession with posting pictures of that and get back to talking about more important things. (That would be me, if you're wondering.)
4. Mom had another check-up with her doctor on Wednesday. He gave us a clean bill of health. Seems like everything's going well. My mommy smiles a lot when she hears my heartbeat. I can feel the adrenaline rush when she hears it.
5. Dexter is being a little bit obsessive about my mom, which needs to change soon if he's going to allow me into this family. He literally follows my ma and I around the house. If we go into the bathroom, he follows. If we sit on the couch, he sits on my bump. If we lie down for a napster, he's right up in my mom's grill. I think the jig is up.
That's all I have for now, Aunties and Uncles Cracker. I'm looking forward to meeting you all one day. Make sure you eat a breath mint before you get all up in my bidness, because good breath makes a great impression.
Welp, gotta kick about in utero. See ya on the outside, Suckers!
Baby Vrbi