Friday, March 3

Nieces and Nephs, Part 1

Kenna: "Hey, maybe if I push on his head hard enough, money will come out his ears!"
Luke: "I don't need Uncle Dave's money; I'm the next American Idol, baby!"
Luke, the little singer below, is my sister Missy's son. He looks a lot like I did at his age. Could this be a preview to what little Baby Vrbi will look like in a couple years? Only time will tell. He's my little buddy. I spoil him pretty good.
One night, he was tuckered out and his mom asked me to take him with me back to town. I picked him up, was carrying him around being sweet on him, and he looked up and deadpanned, "Do you come with sugar?" I about dropped him I was laughing so hard.
Kenna is Luke's sister and she lives with her mom in KC. She is such a fun little girl and always so happy to see Amy and I. She's also very smart. When we were playing with that little recorder in the picture, she picked it up and started singing a little friendship song. It was really pretty darn good.
If being an uncle is THIS fun, how awesome will being DADDY be?