Monday, March 6

Dr. Seuss Stuff, Part 2

Okay, so I was Mr. Big Spender over the weekend. We hadn't really purchased anything for the nursery yet, so I can justify it. Heck, we're already at 23 weeks. We're getting closer and I have nothing done on the room yet. Of course, we're moving here soon too, so I can't really paint and do all the stuff I need to get done.
We found our crib and dresser for Jack's room at and ordered a changing table from I mentioned that we were feeling dejected by all the expensive specialty stores, so this set was perfect and at a really great price. It'll fit well within our theme too.
At first, we thought white might be too girly, but we want the room to be whimsical and creative and after looking at the white more, we realized we were being idiots about it. It works perfectly with what we have in mind. Check out the fun curves on the furniture. It's perfectly perfect.