Thursday, March 16

Meet Professor Dexter Beansprout

This is our little Fluffer Nugget. His official name is Professor Dexter Beansprout, but he goes by several different names:
Mr. Beans
Dinky Deedles
Flex Armstrong
Those are just the names I can think of right now. We consider Dex our firstborn. Now, I know that sounds absurd, but he has been the object of our affection and the apple of our eyes for the past year and a half. He has a very rough adjustment coming up in June.
Right now, he pretty much runs the house, which makes me think I'm a bad pet owner. He gets his way 9 times out of 10, sleeps in the bed with us, eats about 75 jerky treats (aka doggie heroine) per day. His favorite new thing is to snuggle with me in the morning after mama's up and getting showered.
I know. I'm a schlub for sleeping while Preggo Fabulous is up and facing another day of hauling around another human being. I need my beauty rest...desperately.
So, about Dex's adjustment. They say to only pay attention to the dog when the baby's around at first. That way, the dog doesn't associate the baby with stealing his thunder. He'll actually view Jack as the dude that gets Ma and Pa to pay attention to him... That's the theory, but I'm not sold on it.
Thankfully, Amy's grandma Edna sent us some information on how to get your pet into the baby experience so that all is well on the homefront. We'll see if it works. He's pretty ... how do you say it? ... ah, yes ... needy.
If Grandma Edna's pointers don't work, Grandma Janet or Aunt Susan may be adopting a spoiled brat dog. And that would break my heart. I have room in the my heart for my best friend, wife, son, family and friends.
(I've got a giant heart.)