Monday, March 6

Dr. Seuss Stuff, Part 1

We decided back before Amy was even pregnant that when we had our first child, we would do a Dr. Seuss nursery. Our plan is to use a projector to put images of Horton, The Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 & Thing 2 and other characters on the wall. Instead of leaving them 2-dimensional, I thought for Horton's nest I'd use actual (clean) sticks or branches for a 3-D effect. (And yes, I know that Horton's nest will need to be out of reach of little hands!)

Getting the projector images was easy, but here's the problem: Dr. Seuss merchandise is very rare and very hard to find. We have stopped by every nursery store from here to Timbuktu since conception and there is NOTHING. Plush toys are even impossible to find. All Dr. Seuss fabric and material is retired.
We were also having a hard time finding a crib that was reasonably priced and good quality. We saw the cribs at Wally World but they just seemed like they wouldn't fit with our theme and a bit flimsy. After looking at baby specialty stores, we were feeling a little dejected because of the price. A crib for $600. Dream on.
So, we took a road trip the other day and felt like poo driving home because we couldn't find anything middle-of-the-road. Fortunately, the World Wide Web has made it possible for us to find the following items:
The crib set in the first two pictures was on ebay and we just found out last night we won the bid war for it. There are seven pieces to the collection. In the top two pictures, you can see the reversible comforter, bumper, sheet set, accent pillow, and the ruffle at bottom. We also ordered a crib for the baby just like the one in the picture from Sears. I'll post the picture of it here soon. In the second picture, you can see the other side of the reversible comforter. How stinkin' adorable is that?
The window valance and diaper stacker are shown in the third pic.
Any of the blue fabric you see in the first two pics looks like the third picture. I hope the quarter comes with it. I'll put it in the baby's college fund!
I dare you to try to find a better bumper pad than the one in the bottom pic!
In addition to ebay having some great Seuss stuff, we were fortunate to have Grandma Janet's friend, Jan "The Internet Guru", find a good site for us: We registered there...hint hint...ha ha... Jan always jokes that if she can find her husband online, she can find our nursery stuff. Thank you Jan, our newest addition to the list of Jack's honorary aunts!
She also fought for a Thing 1 & Thing 2 lamp for us on ebay, but someone outbid her at the last second.
Hope you dig the stuff. Leave a comment for us...