Thursday, April 6

Another Letter From Baby V

Buenos NACHOS, mi amigos! (I love nachos, as do my 'rents.)
Sorry for the delay in posting anything to the blog lately. My dad's been busy working on getting his real estate license and I've just been hanging out here in utero getting bigger and making my mama's back hurt a little bit. (Don't worry; dad's not quitting his day job! Ever. He enjoys it WAY too much.)
Mama has a doctor's appointment today. She has RH negative blood (in fact, she has one of the most rare types of blood: AB negative) so she has to get a shot to prevent my blood from fighting with her blood or vice versa. (Can you believe I'm not even born yet and I already use phrases like 'vice versa'? How creepy, huh?)
Anyhootie, the shot stuff all very confusing and even Daddy doesn't quite understand it all. His eyes glaze over when they try to explain it.
I am very happy to report that Daddy took Dexter to get a haircut today. The dog was extremely stinky and he was matted a little bit. Plus, as we all know, as Dex's hair gets longer, his behavior becomes erratic and ... well ... kind of psycho. Hopefully after today, he'll start acting like a good boy and STOP jumping on ME!
My cousin Tori and Aunt Heidi visited last weekend and we all five had a blast. I really enjoyed hearing their muffled laughter. They really laugh a lot when they get together. Plus, they eat a lot too, which makes me happy, happy, happy.
My other cousins, Luke and Matthew, were going to come this weekend with Uncle Jared and Aunt Missy, but they're not going to make it. My mama decided since they aren't coming, we're all three going to Omaha and Lincoln to visit Uncle Dan and his girlfriend and Aunt Emily and her boyfriend, respectively. (There I go using four-dollar words again, huh?) She said something to Dad about shopping for me and spending "Dave and Amy time" before I'm born into this world.
Little do they know it, but I'll be there this time too. Nice try though. Valiant effort!
Tomorrow's my Daddy's 29th birthday and he is excited to spend the weekend with my mom as his birthday hurrah!
Speaking of parties, there are three showers for me and my mama coming up. The first is in my dad's hometown, put on by my Aunts Heidi, Missy and Sarah and cousin Tori. I'm really looking forward to the cake and punch. And a lot of people there are looking forward to seeing my baby bump on my mama. It'll be fun.
The second is for my mama put on my mom's friend Nanci. Aunt Emily and Grandma Janet are going to try to help out as much as possible, but they don't live here. It'll be fun. I'm sure there will be a lot more laughter from my mama. She likes her little showers and parties. (She's gone to a lot of them for my future friends lately--even taking Daddy to a couples shower! He reports that it was very fun. Surprisingly fun.)
The other shower is for my daddy's work people to be able to see mama before I'm born and give me fun stuff. It'll be fun too. My dad works with very funny, cool people. I anticipate a lot of laughter!
Anyhootie, that's the low-down on all things Vrbi this week. Daddy promises to post more regularly, but wanted to give everyone a chance to view the post about the nursery. You'll have to understand if he's a little bit busy right now though.
Well, I'd better go swimming for a while. My lenugo is starting to fade and my hair is starting to grow--though my parents swear I'm going to be bald.
See you on the outside, homies.
Baby V