Tuesday, March 7

Brenna: The Seuss Sleuth

We are lucky to have such great friends, who in turn automatically become Jack's honorary aunts and uncles. Our friend, Brenna, from Las Vegas, has sent us some incredible packets of Seuss paraphernalia in the past couple months. It pays to have connections in the land of great shopping! She has great taste, too. Check it out for yourself:

Photo album/scrapbook. I love the asymmetrical top.

Scrapbook pages. I love the "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" one (top middle, white).

Stickers. (DUH!)

This is a book with a bunch of cool stencils you can use however you want. In addition to the stencils, there are actually cardboard glossy pages that can be cut out and framed...which is sooo what I'm gonna do! Here are some photos from inside the book.

A stencil page.

The frameable page behind the stencil page.

Jack's list of honorary aunts and uncles grows everyday!