Monday, March 20

Kickin' It Real

Yesterday, as Amy and I were driving home from Blockbuster, we were talking about whether or not the baby will come early. When we talked to our doctor last time, he was heavier than a normal 22-week baby. A lot heavier. So, we drove along talking about all the birthdays he could land on in June. We talked about Uncle Dan and whether or not he could end up on that day. Then we mentioned Great Grandma Edna's birthday, June 18, and the baby kicked Amy really hard. Amy asked her belly again, "Are you going to be born on Grandma's birthday?" and he kicked her again. Just to push the envelope a little further, we asked the baby bump again whether or not the little one inside wanted to aim for June 18. He kicked very hard a third time and mama was howling in the passenger seat. Time will tell, I guess...