Sunday, April 22

Uncle Jared & Aunt Missy Visit

Jack's Uncle Jared and Aunt Missy visited the other day. We went out to Red Lobster (of course) and then over to their hotel for swimming. After the dip in the pool with Daddy, Jack lunged for Uncle Jared and spent most of the night playing with him. I guess Stranger Danger doesn't apply to Uncle Jared! Jack REALLY liked him.
Getting into the pool with Daddy.
I'm okay with the water now...
Liking it more and more all the time. And kicking like a pro.
Okay, at this point, Jack officially loved the pool.
As witnessed here. I love this picture.
Up we go, skinny boy.

Ahhhh, do we have to get out?
Hangin' with my uncle.
And now a brand new diaper so I can get busy crawling around.
Missy helped me up on my feet. We played a bunch too.
And I went for the (empty) trash can.


HAGANS said...

aww it looks like you guys had a blast! awesome

Blackmans said...

We had a blast hanging out with you guys!!! We will see you soon!

Jessica said...

He just looks like he is having so much fun!

The Wades said...

Hey Jack-Jack,
That swimming thing looks fun. Can't wait to try it out with you this summer!