Monday, April 9

I'm 10 Months Old Now!

My mommy, me and my belly.
Mommy tickles my 10-month-old tumtum.
I'm constantly messing with stuff I shouldn't mess with now.
Mommy and Auntie Em switched my play mat to a play tunnel.
And then I did the tunnel crawl. Dexy was concerned for my safety.
My daddy attacked me with kisses and hugs. Ick.
Someone help me, please.
Curses, foiled again!
I'm gonna getcha!
Crawling on Daddy, making goofy faces. All in a day's work.


Granny Janny said...

You look great Amy! Keep up the hard work.

Love ya,

Granny Janny

Anonymous said...

WOW Amy!! You look wonderful! WTG! It looks like you guys had a fun-filled Easter. It's so hard to believe how Jack is getting around so well now. Wasn't he just born? LOL! We love you & miss you very much...

Hugs -n- kisses,
Sarah, Joe & Peytie

Baby Greenwood said...

we're getting so big aren't we jack? i can't wait to see you this coming weekend!
p.s. my mommy says to tell your mommy that her face is looking really thin and that she's amazing!

Blackmans said...

We need to get our parents together so we can get together and play. I think the two of us could get into a lot of trouble together!