Sunday, April 8

Easter Sunday Was A FUN Day!

My very first Easter basket. Complete with two big flowers, a plush duckie, electronic book, a dragon puppet, some miscellaneous toys, camouflage eggs and sports eggs. (I could pretend I was upset that there wasn't any candy in them, but I don't know any different.)
I was thankful for my Easter basket.
Happy Easter, y'all!
The puppet tried to get my attention, but to no avail.
He was quite dejected when I played with the basket and ignored him.
Dexy sure liked him though.
We had Gramps, Auntie Em, Uncle Mike and Uncle Jake for Easter. Everyone got here, we ate our ham and taters and then played.
Uncle Jake ate lunch and passed out.

Uncle Mike took a quick siesta also.
Daddy, Gramps and I played with my Easter eggs.
Jack in the box. (My Granny Janny sent some outfits for me. This is one of them. I loved the box...and of course, the outfits will be comfy.)
Gramps and I played for quite a while.
My buddy Cam loves his flower, so my Mommy and Daddy got me one too. I love it!

Still playing with the Easter eggs.
We goofed around all afternoon.
I also became pretty attached to Auntie Em. She was my favorite.
I told her all about my toys and taught her how to use them correctly.
All in all, a pretty good day, I must say!