Sunday, April 29

Grandma Was Here

Tax season is now officially over, so Jack gets to see his H&R Block-ownin' Grandma!
You're worth the wait, Granny Janny!
I hope I showed off for you enough, Grams.
Off in the distance behind these two, you can see the garden that grandma tilled and helped weed since Daddy is preoccupied with work and playing with Jack in his downtime.
What a pair!


Susan, Joe, Jessica said...

Janet looks like she got some sun. Joe and Jessica are visiting us this weekend. Joe tilled our garden too. What a coincidence! He and Jessica also mowed the lawn and put on fertilizer. Great relatives! Are you paying attention Jack?!!!

HAGANS said...

Aw you and your grammy Janny looks really happy to see each other.. i love you grammy she a very sweet ladie! Plus she does our taxes so she really sweet... cuz i couldnt figure them out