Sunday, April 1

The Complete Collection of Cuteness

I'm off to the bathtub after my biter biscuit.
I really had a good time making a big mess of my face.
Still having a ball.
I have such a contagious smile, don't I?
I love not wearing clothes.
Dexy, don't lick me!
Ugghhh...that dog makes me crazy.
Dexy, if I were a magician, I'd--abra cadabra--make you disappear for a while.
Hey Dex, look what I found. It's Mommy's floppy shoe.
No, you can't have it. I found it, dude.

I crawled across the living room just to play with this thing.
How can you say 'no' to a face like this?
Me with my toys.
I get up on my knees for the tall toys. And standing up to play with them is on a trial and error basis mainly. I sure try, but my balance is a bit wonky yet.
I just love my mommy. We three boyz are so lucky to have her.


HAGANS said...

oh your getting so big and more adorible everyday! I bet your lot to play with!

HAGANS said...

ok cant type meant ~ forgot the word fun in