Thursday, April 5

Chillin' At Cam's

We're both kind of bookworms.
Looks like trouble...

We owe two big, fat, smelly 'thank-yous' to Camden's parents, Cara & Aaron for watching Jack on short notice last Sunday so Jack's parents could go on their first date to the movies in many months. Ma & Pa V saw "Blades of Glory" and it was hilarious!
Not only do we owe them the biggest fattest smelliest thank-you for watching Jack, but also for taking these pictures we nabbed from their family site. The boyz had a lot of fun for a while then both became cranky, took turns crying, muscling for rank with Cam's mommy and went down for naps.
Aren't they adorable?
Anyway: Thank you, Aaron & Cara!


The Wades said...

There's no need for a thank you!!! We LOVE Jack and he's welcome at our house anytime! What a good baby! Besides, we're even from the last time you watched Cam. Plus, don't forget a certain someone's on jury duty now, so we may be calling you in the future!!!
~~Aaron, Cara, and Cam