Sunday, April 29

Major News Update!

This is Jack standing at his mower. Thanks to some ninja-rigging by Daddy, with the aid of duct tape and weights (it's great that they are finally getting some use), it finally stopped falling over and making Jack cry. Now, he is able to pull himself up to standing position and walk behind it, as evidenced by the following pictures. The first time he went across the living room was quite a sight! We freaked out!
Here I go!
Strengthening my chicken legs.
I have no idea Daddy is training me for his job someday!
Just dang cute.
Vroom. Vroom.
Here I am at the front door. Daddy is outside and I'm in. I wanted to be out there with him.
Hi Daddy!
The lawnmower kept tipping over. Not safe. Daddy got it fixed though.
Keeping watch over our 'hood.


Staab Boys said...

Way to go Jack Jack!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great pic of Dex & Jack! How precious!

Love you all,
Aunt Sarah, Uncle Bro-Seph & Peytunia

Jessica said...

Walking? Already? Surely not! There's no way he can be that big already!

Blackmans said...

That picture of Jack and Dex is awesome!!! I can't believe he took off walking like that! Way to go Jack!!

Baby Greenwood said...

our daddies must think alike! my walking toy isn't a lawnmower, but it does tip over and my dad has also used weights (no duct tape though)to keep me upright. that walking is fun stuff, but mommy keeps naggin' me about crawling first!
sure hope to hang out with you lots this summer! ~dax

HAGANS said...

Wow look at that happy boy go! WTG Jack Jack!