Monday, April 16

Two Birthday Parties In One Day! How Did Mommy Do It?

Jack (third from left, sitting) wasn't as excited about the group photo as the others. Stranger Danger has officially become an issue.
Dax and Jack covet their buddy's permission to have his cake and eat it too.
Two little buddies. Always glad to see each other. Making sure Cara got the floor clean.
Cam's mommy is very creative. She had the idea to have all the little ones from the party put their handprints on a frame so Cam had a record of all the little ones at his first party. We'll definitely steal this idea for Jack's party! Here, Jack leaves his impression in green.
CamMo and O Dawg mess around.
Cam and his parents get some help opening gifts.
"Hey Dax, watch what I can do now!"
Jack, Amy, Jen and Owen.
(O was trying to escape, hence Amy helping out.)
Cam's mommy and daddy open presents for him, delighting in his loot.
Craig, Becca and Dax were in town for both parties.
Dax didn't attend Dave's party though. :-)
The birthday boy loved his special cake and is quite handy with a spoon.
Diggin' in!
Owen played on the lawn for a while.
On Saturday, Amy and Jack headed over to Camden's house for his first birthday. If you remember, Jack's buddies Ryan and Owen have already had their parties, so it was Cam's turn (Jack is next, but that's for another update). His 'rents put on quite the party and we have tons of pictures to share of all the kids having a great time! It's so strange to think of Camden as a one-year-old. It seems like only yesterday we were going over to see that tiny little baby after he was born. Jack's mommy was really pregnant at that point! Now, he's already been with us all for a whole year!
Then, after I got off work on Saturday, Mommy surprised me with a huge birthday party at Bullwinkles here in town. Aunt Heidi, Tori and Mindy were in town for the weekend (presumably for shopping and hanging out...LIARS) and we all went over to Bullwinkles after I lollygagged around getting ready to go out to eat. When they got there, cars were lined up all the way to Locust Street, so I freaked out and didn't want to eat there, saying the service was gonna stink and the food was going to be awful because of the busy rush. Lo and behold, when we got inside, a crew of about 30 family members, friends and co-workers (who also happen to be friends) were awaiting our arrival. Talk about a shocker. Well, Tori went back to the house with Jack (we also have cute pictures of that to post as well) and the adults stuck around. Overall, we counted 47 people who showed up at different times for the soiree. It was an absolute blast and I am still on cloud nine! We don't, however, have any pictures, which is an okay thing. Really.

So, obviously, Jack and his mommy have been really busy lately. Last week with O's party and this week with Cam and Daddy's. Crazy. Thanks, Mommy and Jack for all your hard work. And thanks everyone who showed up and made my birthday AWESOME.

Best birthday. EVER. I'm humbled and blessed.


The Wades said...

Saturday was a blast!!! Thanks for coming to Cam's party and thanks for inviting us to yours! We have some pix we'll email ya!
~~Aaron and Cara

Blackmans said...

You look awesome! I love your hair and you are looking so thin!

bec said...

so glad we could be there to celebrate with you dave! your wife is awesome for pulling it off!!! go amy!!! and you both look fab-o by the way!!!