Monday, April 16

Time With Tori

Due to my clinginess to Mommy and Daddy lately, they were worried I'd have trouble dealing with Tori putting me to bed during Daddy's surprise birthday party. Obviously they didn't need to worry, as these pictures show. Tori captured a lot of photos of us hanging out and having fun before I went to bed.
My daddy also does this. He holds the camera in front of us. I don't ever look at it when he does that, so he's going to have to talk to Tori to see how she did this.
Could this one be #1 in next year's Top 52 Photos? Let's just say it'll be a strong contender.
So much fun this babysitting thing is! Stay away, Mommy and Daddy.
Giggles and wiggles.


HAGANS said...

looks like he had a lot of fun the cuz Tori.

HAGANS said...

ok i meant to say with i dont know why i but (the)

Jessica said...

Wow! Looks like they had a BLAST!