Tuesday, April 17

Plans For The Birthday Boy...In Two Months...

We've had a lot of requests for information on what we're doing for Jack's 1st birthday.

After mulling it over and trying to figure out the best, easiest, funnest and fairest thing to do, we've landed on the plan that is fairest for everyone--since we have family and friends on all sides of us near and far.
We decided to host his party here at our house for several reasons.
First, it is central to most of our friends and family, especially those who live in other states and on the eastern part of our state.
Number two, the entire weekend of Jack's birthday will be a massive celebration here in our town. It is the 150th celebration of the county we live in and there are many different celebrations all over town, including at the state park a block from our house.
We had already planned on making a massive campground of our yard, complete with a contained bonfire, tents, RV's, plenty of shade, etc... Now, since there is a massive celebration a half-block away from us, we thought we'd definitely take advantage of that as well. Live music, barbecues, celebrations, a wading pool for the kids, and all that good stuff at the park. That, and the museum is having a really awesome celebration out there as well. It will be a great weekend, filled with all sorts of wonderful activities for every age group. We'll just rename that weekend "Jackstock". We guarantee a great time, so make plans to be there. (June 8-9)
So, everything remains the same as far as the party is concerned. We'd considered moving the party to the homeland because of community celebrations that weekend, but it just isn't feasible or fair. We wish we could be in both places at the same time, but it's not possible.
We just wanted to make sure everyone knew early on so that they could plan accordingly. (You will receive invites in the mail also.) We look forward to seeing you there and sharing this enormous milestone with all of you!
The Management