Wednesday, October 31

Trick Or Treat!

We hit the town for Halloween, making our first stop at Tilynn's casa.
I hate this hat, Dad!
He feels the same way I do about hats. (They're evil...and make my head and hair hurt...and sweat...)
Tilynn had a special treat bag for her favorite Jack O' Lantern.
Trick or treat! I was trying to get him to say it all day, but no go...
Sittin' with the other punkins.
Jadeyn (daycare Laurie's daughter) was a very pretty mermaid. We stopped by their house so they could oooh and aaah over Jack. They did.

Jack and his Laurie.
Buddy Brody gets Jack hyper.
Brody, Jack and Austin.
Jack O' Lanterns gotta hug ninja warriors!
And mermaids...

Then it was on to Joann's house. She had special treats for Jack too!
Bestest pumpkin ev.
Joann, Jack and Mom.
Nanci, you there?
Nanci had a special toy for Jack for Halloween. It blew bubbles. She tried to teach him how, but he kept trying to eat it!
Thanks, everyone!
Happy Halloween!


Wheelers said...

Cute lil pumpkin! I love seeing all the kids in their costumes. So fun to dress up!

Blackmans said...

That is the cutest pumpkin I've ever seen! It looks like he was really enjoying himself.

Peyton's Place said...

He makes such a good pumpkin! Cute, cute...

Auntie S

Bley's Blog said...

Very cute pumpkin, it's so much fun to dress up, especially when it doesn't involve hats! :)

Staab Boys said...

He makes a great looking Jack-o-Lantern! We would love to have seen him too:( Another time.

Anonymous said...

That's my favoritest JACK-o-lantern for all time. Ever. Love, Grammy Tami

mindy said...

My favorite picture is the up close shot of him where his hat is almost half covering his eye - he is so adorable!!
If your kid ever shows up missing - note to self - check Mindy's house..... Never mind - I would probably return him once he started getting fussy, got an attitude, needed changed - well if he did anything other than just sit there and look cute!!!
Anyways - you guys have an adorable Jack - O'lantern!!!!

Anonymous said...

More urgent note to self: Remind Jack to avoid any and all strangers.

Mindy = strangest stranger ev!

I'll do that tonight...


PS - Kidding, Mindy. Thanks for the comment.

mindy said...

I know you are kidding - but to be completely honest - I laughed at my comment because I am funny - but then I read it again and realized I was creepy. Sorry about that - don't mean to come off as Creepy Creeperson!!!!

Anonymous said...


You couldn't be creepy if you tried! Nice try though. Valiant effort.