Friday, October 5

An Evening At Helgoth's Pumpkin Patch

Here are Jack and his dad comparing 'tats' by the chickens after getting to the pumpkin patch. We went for a special outing for Mommy's school.
Owen (the dang cute kid) and Lane.
Lane is a photographer at the newspaper and his wife works with Amy at the school in special education. We met them at Miss Scott's house and drove out from there. We had A LOT of fun with all of them, as you'll soon see! And if you'd like to see what Lane does for a living, click here for some examples of his incredible photographic talent.

Lane, Owen, Jack, and Lil' Ol' Me
Sarah (O's Mommy) shows Jack a baby kitten. He was skiddish to say the least. Must be a dog person!

Measuring just over 2-1/2 feet!
Of course we went down the humongo slide!
And Lane and O did too. That side of the slide was all wonky. You couldn't stay in the middle no matter how hard you tried!
Amy took this photo of one of her students on the zip line. Nice photography, Mrs. V!
Jack liked this wheely thingy a lot.

Lane and I challenged each other to a trike marathon. Look at the left rear tire on mine. Get off the trike ya fat lard!
Rounding the corner. He totally cut me off right before this!
Neck and neck and feelin' the burn. This is right about the time I started cramping.
I ended up kicking his butt, but had a wicked evil leg cramp. That was a blast! Sorry for kicking your butt, Lane. Better luck next year! (And let's stretch next time...)
Ms. R and Jack hung out for a while. In the next couple photos, I'll show you how I made her fall down! Tee hee...evil grin...

She tried to hold the big pumpkin open for me to get in with Jack...
...and ended up on the ground! It was totally funny but looks painful as the dickens in this picture. Kinda like the 'I've fallen and I can't get up' lady. Hope I didn't break your hip, Deb!She's quite a ham, that Ms. R! We like her a bunch!
Jumping in the inflatable pumpkin.
What a great time.
I caught Lane and O in mid-air. Not a great photo. I couldn't figure out which setting to put my camera on! It was so orange in there.

Sarah, Owen and Lane on the hayrack ride. Is that kid adorable or what? Kisses from the dad on the hayrack ride.
This is us being wicked goofy. I like this one a lot!
Pickin' out a pumpkin.
I love this picture of us getting our pumpkin. The sunset behind us is totes autumnally sweet. Nice photography, Mommy. I think even Lane-o would be impressed! (We gave the pumpkin to Owen's family 'cuz we have a million already!)


Baby Greenwood said...

great pics! we love pumpkin patches. i remember when we went to Helgoth's last year when Dax was only 10 weeks old. Amazing how much changes in a year!!
so, Mommy V. takes great pics but where is she? we wanna see some pics of her with Jack too!!

The Hagan Clan said...

WOW~ Dave, Jack and Amy looks like a lots of fun!!!!

Peyton's Place said...

Looks like a good time! Wish we had something like that here!

Sarah said...

You are a wicked fast blogger. I guess trike racing is not your only strength. We had a great time too!! Look for similar photos on Owen's website. Great photos Amy and thank you all for the pumpkin. He lives on the front step. You can come visit him anytime!

sixbehrs said...

Wow. Fun time! Your wife must just snap pictures constantly! But we hardly ever see her, now do we??? What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

She absolutely hates having her picture taken. I try...I really do...


Anonymous said...

You all looked like you had a very fun time David. It's nice to see the Mom's & Dad's having fun too! I love all the pictures! To capture a moment of time and preserve it is perfect! You guys take care! :)