Monday, October 22

A Weekend In Palisade

We took a trip to Palisade so Amy could attend my cousin Vanessa's baby shower. It was a great weekend to be back because we got to see all my cousins at once for a change!
Jack had a great time raiding Grandma Elaine's fridge Friday night. Here, he snagged some steak marinade and Molly McButter seasoning.
Saturday, after attending Tori's volleyball game and Amy going to the shower, we realized at 3:45 that Jack was the only one who'd had any lunch. So, we snuck downtown and had pumpkin pie, breaded cauliflower and sweet corn nuggets at the cafe. Shhhh! It'll be our little secret.
Sitting quite innocently on Grandma Elaine's wonderful porch.
Matthew Jared and Grandma 'Laine.
Jack and Luke getting ready to play.
Again, Luke and Jack playing hard.
Jack loved these little bugs on the side of grandma's house in the dirt.
So did Matthew!
And together, they terrorized grandma's bugs.

Grandma and my cousins Sabrina and Larissa just swinging away.
Jack had so many hugs to dole out this weekend. So many hugs, so little time...
Papa Jerry and Grammy Tami love on their little grandson.
Vanessa (left) was swinging with her good friend Chandell and Chandell's son.
With tennis ball in hand most of the day, Jack had a great time playing with his cousins.

He loved playing with that squirt gun.
See, Tori, you just pull this lever here...
BTW, Tori played volleyball like a champ the other day. She was like a maniac! (I taught her everything I know...which isn't much...)
Bang, bang!
What a big boy he's become.
Laying on grandma's floor, playing with those rattle-y, shake-y things she had.
We took Jack's Shrek chair with us. He enjoyed watching a brief moment of TV with grandma.
I don't know what the point of this picture is, other than to show how blond he is! Playing at Granny Janny's.
Then he found the snow shovel...
Granny gave him some carpet scooping pointers.
Grandma Elaine, we never leave your house without some kind of toy from the toybox somehow. We'll bring the drumstick and fire truck (from last time) back with us next time.
Goofy guy.
If you like that, Jack, you should try the real thing. MMMmmmm....
We're almost home! YAY!


The Hoskovec's said...

Jack is so cute! I think it is funny the pic of him eating the plastic chicken! Good to see pictures of people I know and havn't seen in a while!

Staab Boys said...

I can't get over how much he has grown recently. We HAVE to get a playdate together soon. My parents leave on the 29th...whatcha got going the next weekend?

Peyton's Place said...

Was great to see you all! Hopefully next time we can actually hang out & play some games or something. Sorry I flaked, but I think I had a touch of the flu or something... ? Anyway, love you guys!

~Auntie S

bec said...

jack is looking so grown up! can you believe how fast these little guys are growing? really? crazy!!!

Sherman said...

It was so nice seeing you guys last weekend and Jack is such a handsome little man. He's grown so much. It was nice to be back.