Sunday, October 14

A Night At The Museum

I stole the top one from Sarah's blog. Sorry! I couldn't resist!
We went to the museum on Friday night with Sarah and Owen and Miss Scott (or TiLynn as she would prefer to be called). We did some looking around, then headed home because it was getting rainy. We couldn't get Jack to put the lid (hat) on his jack o' lantern! Maybe at Halloween he will. He feels the same way about hats that his pa does I guess.
A bear? Really? I would have thought Ted would be a pig...hmmm... OH, SNAP!
Owen and his #1 lady.
TiLynn and Owen chill in Railroad Town. Seriously, we have a great museum!
Owen and Jack on the sidewalk at RR Town. I think this was between the hardware store and the mill. I have yet to see a cuter dog or a more handsome pumpkin. You?


The Hagan Clan said...

Jack and Owen looks so dang cute!!!

bec said...

don'tcha love this time of year? and it's even better to have a kiddo to share it with!! dax is going to be a pumpkin too, but i think you already knew that! too bad they won't be trick or treating together this year! :( we miss you guys!

Peyton's Place said...

What great pics! Jack looks so darn cute in his pumpkin costume! And Dave, you're lookin' really skinny! WTG! Give Jack a kiss & hug for us!

Auntie S

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we're eating healthy foods again and I'm getting exercise (volleyball works wonders). This time we're doing it without the public humiliation of the blog though. It's going well...if only it would disappear as quickly as it seems it appeared! Am I right?!

D & A

PS - I wish I could give a fraction of my weight to Jack. He's sooooo skinny!

Stephanie & the Witts said...

Oh Jack, you are the cutest punkin ever!!! I am so glad you had fun at the Museum! I wish I could have been there to see you!!! You are getting so big!!!
Be good and Happy Halloween!