Tuesday, October 9

The Jack O' Lanterns At Jack's House

If you haven't noticed, we have quite the pumpkin theme going on this fall.
And we're lovin' it!
I found some washable, nontoxic acrylic paints on clearance at Wally World this morning early and thought it'd be perfect to paint some pumpkins.
Jack was a natural painter. He grabbed that brush and went to town!
I helped him make a handprint on the side of Mr. Pumpkin.
Concentration in our family involves much sticking out of our tongues...
We're officially a mess! Surprisingly though, barely any got on the floor.
We learned a lot about colors today, and that when mixed together with fingers, colors are so much more fun than in silly books!
And it's off to the bath...

Jack's finished product. Really good work! Sorry Wauneta Breeze for getting paint all over you!
Don't know what the point is here, but I like this picture a bit.
Cleanup time. And if you look in the distance, I think someone needs to eat some bananas soon!
I did these four after Jack went to bed. Classy.
And this one was a bit more involved. I'm so warped...


Peyton's Place said...

Good work, Jack! WTG! We went punkin pickin' the other nite so we'll hopefully get ours painted sometime this weekend. I'm stealing your idea of putting our names on them, too. Thanks!

Auntie S